What is wild camping?

Wild camping means staying off the beaten track, in private, with nothing but the occasional passing sheep to disturb your peace. Being cut off from technology, busy roads and other people can bring a great sense of freedom, and allows us to reconnect with nature – something that has been so important during this past year of lockdowns.

The problem is that wild camping is actually illegal in most of the UK. That’s where Wild With Consent comes in. We connect hosts, who have a private spot on their land with a stunning outlook, to campervanners, who are looking for a unique adventure. 

Some people feel daunted by the prospect of staying out in the open with no facilities – and that is where a campervan comes in. Campervan owners will know the joy of travelling with their home on their back, everything they need within easy reach. Lunch on the road, a hot shower, a cold beer from the fridge… all there when you need them. This makes wild camping that much more accessible and comfortable, as you can experience the wilderness without worrying about where to find the next toilet stop.

To ensure we preserve our natural habitat, wild campers adhere to the etiquette of leave no trace. This ensures that everyone can keep enjoying the great outdoors in all its glory. The following rules will help you to enjoy your camping responsibly:

  • Leave no trace: if you take it in, you carry it out
  • Take all rubbish away with you
  • Leave the site as you found it
  • Do not light fires unless explicit permission has been given by the host
  • Respect the wildlife and natural environment – don’t pollute
  • Use the toilet in your camper

Ready to book a night in the wild? Explore our locations now.

2 thoughts on “What is wild camping?

  1. It sounds wonderful in so many ways.
    But there is only me in my little old campervan. It starts to sound expensive for a single traveller 🙁

    1. Hi Polly, thank you for your feedback! We do have a couple of sites at £25 per night, but appreciate this still may be too expensive for a single traveller.

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