Linking up with landowners – Tales from the field(s)

Wild With Consent relies on the good faith and trust of landowners, to provide a portion of scenic land for campers to pitch up upon. The relationship we build with them is fundamental to the success of our community, and it’s the real benefit that our team brings.

Behind this website lies many hours of traversing the Northumbrian countryside, across highs and lows, to spots better and lesser known, surveying the landscape, chatting to locals, and identifying locations which could work well for Wild With Consent sites. We’d be lying if we said it was all hard work, but we invest time, money and effort in it.

For each of the locations we’ve chosen on this site, we’ve spoken to the individual landowner, getting their permission, and, critically, their recommendations, as to what are the best sites for a campervan to pitch on. Many of these landowners have been farming here for years, and know the land like the back of their hands. If anyone is going to know where to pick a good site for the night, it’s them.

Hugh – member of the Wild With Consent founding team

But we’re helped by a superstar member of our team – Hugh. Hugh has spent a lifetime working as a land agent in the Northeast, settling disputes, facilitating deals and helping to protect the land. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the area and its people, and has turned field-side chats into a fine art form. He regularly hits the road to reach out to landowners, making sure that they’re happy, and checking out the sites.

So when you turn up at one of our sites you can be confident that we’ve done our research, built a good relationship with the local landowner, and gleaned their insights into the best spots for a truly wild night.

To find out more about our locations, click here.

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