Leave no trace – how to wild camp responsibly

Getting off the beaten track and away from crowded campsites is a liberating experience, but how can you camp responsibly to make sure you don’t damage the natural environment?

Take only memories, leave only footprints

While this quote may sound cheesy, it captures the ethos of Wild With Consent – low impact camping with exceptional memories. At the end of your stay at one of our locations, the only indication that you have been there should be a flattened piece of grass and the happy memories that you will take away.

Our Leave only Footprints Code of Conduct gives visitors a guide to responsible wild camping, and makes sure that you stay in harmony with the countryside and nature.

  1. Leave no trace. If you take it in, you carry it out.
  2. Respect the natural environment. Don’t pollute – use the toilet in your camper!
  3. Light fires responsibly. Do not light a fire unless the host has given permission. If a fire is allowed, dig a fire pit in a safe location, at least a couple of metres from your campervan, woodland or farm buildings.
  4. Access by permission only. Access to farmland is a privilege and only provided at the farmers’ discretion. Avoid walking on land which is used for farming purposes i.e crops, including grass land, which is prepared for hay/silage.
  5. Minimal disturbance. You should try to avoid disturbing farming activities, animals – both wild and domestic – and crops. This especially applies to keeping pets under control.
  6. Follow the Countryside Code. Leave gates and property as you found them; follow footpaths; respect the local community; and protect the natural environment. The full code can be found here.

Following this guidance will ensure that your stay is peaceful and enjoyable, while leaving the location in pristine condition for the next visitor. Sharing the countryside successfully requires respect and care from everyone.

Explore our locations to find somewhere to escape the crowds.

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