Host FAQs



Do I need planning permission to host?

No. Under Part 5 of the General Permitted Development Order 2015 single campervans are permitted to stay on a parcel of land for up to 28 days per year. Your Local Planning Authority does not need to be notified.

Do I need a site license to host?

No. If there are fewer than three campervans on a site, then a site license is not needed.

Can I use more than one field under the 28 day rule?

Yes. But the 28 day rule will apply to all fields in the same planning unit. Separate 28 day periods can be taken advantage of if you own land in more than one planning unit.

What is a ‘planning unit’?

A single definable land holding or farming unit, for planning purposes. This is, however, down to interpretation and ultimately these situations are tested against case law, of which there is a substantial amount.  

Can I host if my land is in an SSSI?

Yes. The GDPO 2015 is available to those within SSSIs, but it’s worth checking that the land hasn’t got an Article 4 direction or that activities have been regulated. It would be advisable to speak to Natural England on this matter.

Can I host if my land is in a National Park or AONB?

Yes. There are currently no Article 4 directions in the National Parks or AONB that prevent the use of GDPO 2015.

Subsidy, support schemes and grants

How is BPS affected?

Land in the Basic Payment Scheme can be used for a temporary campsite for 28 days. In line with the regulations, you should be defining on your BPS application any ineligible features that you are unable to claim for. The full guidance can be found here on page 28.

How does the permitted development rights affect Countryside Stewardship under Mid or Higher Tier?

You will need to make sure that you are able to deliver the terms of your agreement and that whatever type of staycation is not impeding the rules. It will be a case by case basis and best to speak to an adviser.

General management

I’m worried about litter, how can you prevent visitors leaving waste?

Visitors are bound by our Leave Only Footprints Code of Conduct which requires them to take all litter away and leave no trace of their visit. Wild With Consent sites are only available for one campervan per night, reducing the amount of waste created.

Can I prevent certain visitors from coming to stay again?

Our review system allows hosts to review visitors, as well as visitors to review sites. This creates a system of trust and transparency, and we will not accept bookings from visitors who have violated the Wild With Consent Code of Conduct.

What are the health and safety and insurance implications for campsites? 

There will be increased risks and liability when you have invited members of the public onto your land. Speak with your insurer to ensure you are adequately covered.