Have a quiet corner in a field somewhere? Want to generate extra income from your land?

By connecting you to our community of campervan enthusiasts, we can help…

Why host with Wild With Consent?

Have you got a quiet corner in one of your fields, or on your land, with a wonderful outlook, but little else going for it? The kind of spot you might pause, just for a moment, to enjoy the majesty of the space around you, but that is otherwise… unproductive? 

We can help you turn this space into a productive asset.

The benefits

Campervanners are the ideal guest: as self-contained units, the only things they need are a warm welcome, a flat parking area and beautiful surroundings.

Embrace simplicity. We take care of all the booking admin, so all you have to do is provide the site.

Our peace of mind ratings system builds a platform of trust and helps to encourage transparency on both sides.