What is off-grid camping?

Going off-grid means having a night away with no electricity hookup or other amenities – you need to be self-sufficient! To us, going off-grid also means getting away from the crowds and finding a hidden spot where you can enjoy the simplicity of being in the countryside.

How can I book space in a Wild with Consent site?

All bookings are made through our website. Visit our locations page to find out more about each special location and book using the calendar, or contact us for more details.

Can I come with friends in more than one van?

Some of our locations are suitable for more than one campervan or motorhome for friends or families travelling together. Please contact us for more information on which locations would be suitable. We’d love to help you have a holiday with your friends, but without the crowds!

How much does it cost to stay?

Prices can be found on the webpage of each location. We charge a fixed fee per night – regardless of how many people or dogs you come with! This guarantees that you will have exclusive access to a beautiful location for the night. We take a small admin fee, to help maintain our website and organise connections between hosts and guests, but the majority goes to the landowner.

What facilities are provided at a Wild with Consent site?

The facilities depend on the site. Some have access to drinking water or waste disposal, but most are wild and therefore do not have facilities. One of the joys of off-grid camping in a van is the ability to be self-sufficient and have everything you need.

Rubbish- is there a rubbish collection at Wild with Consent sites?

We don’t guarantee rubbish facilities at the Wild With Consent sites. We expect campervanners to keep a hold of their rubbish, in exactly the same way that they would if they were truly out in the wild.

Can I stay in a tent?

Our locations are for campervans and motorhomes only, we do not allow tents. This is because campervans and motorhomes have all the facilities they need, which allows us to keep the land pristine (no latrine holes!). 

How do I find a Wild With Consent site?

Each of our individual location pages has a map with a ‘pin’ of the site to give a rough location. Once you book in, we will send you an exact location using What3Words. This gives you a location within a 3m x 3m square! We keep this information private until booking to ensure privacy, and visitors are required not to share it.

Do I have to be a member?

There is no need to be a member to enjoy the use of our sites. In effect, by paying for the use of a site, you are becoming a member of the Wild With Consent family for a single night.

Are there any restrictions on using a Wild With Consent site?

We expect anybody using our sites to respect them in the same way that they would respect the natural environment if they were truly camping in the wild. A good set of guidelines can be found on the countryside code – a link to which can be found here.

Can I take my dog?

The majority of our locations are dog friendly, but most require dogs to be kept on a lead, especially during Spring when there are lambs in the fields. Some of our more active livestock farms do not allow dogs – please see each location’s webpage for more information.

Is it legal?

Yes! All of our locations have full landowner permission, and are legal temporary campsites under the 28 day permissive planning rule.