Countryside adventures – in luxury

Campervans. Motorhomes. Recreational Vehicles or ‘RV’s’.

Ever since cars, trucks, and trailers have existed, people have been turning them into vehicles for overnight adventures. The word caravan goes back much further than that; it comes from the Persian word ‘Karawan’, meaning (approximately): ‘group of travellers on a desert journey’.

But it wasn’t until 1910 that the first commercial campervan was built – the Pierce-Arrow Touring Landau, available only in the United States. It took another nine years for the idea to make it across to this side of the Atlantic, when the ‘Eccles Motor Transport Company’ of Birmingham first advertised their ‘motorised caravan’.    

Ever since, campervanning has been big business, with companies across the world spawning a huge range of vehicles, from off-road monsters designed for long-distance trips, to much subtler car-sized options. Today, our friends at GlamperRV are leading the next wave of campervan development. They build, rent, and sell bespoke campervans for discerning clients. The interiors are created to reflect personal taste, whilst staying true to their principles of creating a motorhome that offers the opportunity to explore in style and comfort.

GlamperRV customers at a Wild With Consent site

As a company, they were founded after a failed hunt for a campervan that met the founder’s expectations in terms of style, features and performance. Having searched high and low, they decided that the best way forwards was to identify a base model that ticked many of their needs and then enhance this to reflect their personal style and requirements. From a full exterior paint to a fresh interior (more in keeping with a luxury yacht than a caravan) they created something unique and beautiful. They then set about installing the additional technology that was important for their planned off grid excursions – mobile WiFi, Nespresso machine, and even plug sockets for the toaster, laptop, hair straighteners and more.

GlamperRV looking out over the Northumbrian coast

We had the most amazing time at Elwick. As soon as we pulled up, the girls were out with their nets catching butterflies, finding baby ladybirds and at one point disturbing a hare! Truly a beautiful experience in nature with the most amazing 360 view of the Northumberland coast line.

Wendy, Graham, Aoife & Eimear

If you want to come on a Wild With Consent adventure, but don’t have your own campervan, we’d thoroughly recommend renting from GlamperRV. Several of our customers have already rented campervans from them. All have been really pleased with the level of service, and quality of vehicle, from Lucy and Raphael at GlamperRV.

If you want to know more, please get in touch, or head over to the Glamper RV website.

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