Our story

We’ve travelled all over the place in our trusty Iveco campervan – lovingly known as ‘Tubs’. Scotland is a favourite spot of ours, partly because of the beautiful scenery, but also because of the ‘right to roam’ ethos, which mean that you can park pretty much wherever you like.

It’s a liberating experience, being free to park up for a roadside stopover or on the shore of a loch with the prospect of a morning swim, confident that we are well within our rights to do so.

South of the Border though, it’s a different story. It’s effectively illegal to park anywhere other than a campsite, which makes it impossible to find those one-off, tranquil locations without any neighbours or noise. We know such places exist, as we are fortunate to have friends with some beautiful property. We also know that we would be willing to pay a premium for this type of location in the knowledge that we are welcome.

Wild With Consent gives guests the opportunity to stay in those wild, secluded places with full landowner consent, rather than parking cheek-by-jowl with other tourists. We only offer these sites to those travelling in self-contained campervans who are on the hunt for a unique adventure.

It seems like a crazy idea to set up a travel business in the middle of a pandemic. But we believe that exploring beautiful Britain, in an exclusive way, is only going to get more popular in the ‘post-pandemic era’, once people have realised the majesty which lies on their doorstep.